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11 ways to overcome your sugar addiction & improve your health

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11 ways to overcome your sugar addiction & improve your health

We know it’s bad for us, but that doesn’t always seem to matter.

As human beings, it’s not always easy to resist things that are bad for our health. However, Britain’s addiction to sugar is so serious that talk of a “sugar tax”, aimed at making unhealthy products less affordable (and thus less appealing), continues to gather momentum.

Earlier this year, a report by Cancer Research UK and the UK Health Forum showed that a 20% tax on sugary drinks could reduce obesity rates by 5% in the UK by 2025. That’s the equivalent of 3.7 million fewer obese people. Whether or not the government enforces an official sugar tax remains to be seen, and the reality is that we cannot afford to wait around for it to come into force. We need to take action ourselves.

Three big reasons to give up sugar

Carly Tierney, a personal trainer at DW Fitness Clubs and an expert nutritionist to boot, gave us her three top reasons for starting a sugar detox.

Weight loss (this time it’s for good!)

“You'll shed weight - and quickly, too! You'll be able to control your insulin better. In turn, your blood sugar levels will be under much better control. You're not dieting, you're simply eating healthier. When most people go on a diet, they cut calories, often far too low, with no real care given to the quality of food they eat. The weight lost dieting almost always makes its way back around your belly eventually. 

“When you cut out sugar, the focus is on the sweet stuff, not calories. If you steer clear of sugar there is a good chance that your weight loss will be permanent.”

 Better gut health - steer clear of the sugary yoghurt drinks, though!

“Sugar breeds bad bacteria in your gut. Given that a majority of our immune system is controlled in your tummy it's no surprise that an overgrowth of bacteria triggered by too much sugar affects our health. Indigestion, diarrhoea, constipation and irritable bowels are a few signs that bad bacteria is starting to take over any good bacteria that might exist. A good probiotic can help, the pill form, not the sugary yoghurt drinks!”

Improved mood

“You may not know it, but if you're struggling with anxiety or depression, cutting out sugar could help. There was a piece published in the British Journal of Psychiatry that showed that middle-aged people who regularly consumed processed foods, typically high in refined sugar, were much more likely to suffer from depression than those who ate a less processed diet.

“Sugar is massively addictive. Feeling good, almost high, when you eat something sugary is a sign that you need to hit the brakes. Sugar ignites our brain's pleasure zone, which is activated again when we indulge in something sugary. This vicious cycle continues until the pattern is finally broken. It's hard at first, but like giving up anything else addictive it gets easier and the cravings eventually stop.” 

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and the reality is that we cannot afford to wait around for it to come into force. We need to take action ourselves.
Coursework Help 23/09/17
I think Sugar Addiction cutting it out slowly because they do not easy to leave. But According to Coursework Help, You should set physically a limit to how much sugar you can have per day and study the nourishment facts on everything you eat and drink. Than minor the amount you agree to yourself every week. As well Fruit is very fine alternates for sugary snacks try eating apples and oranges.
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