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Best Ideas For A First Date

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Best Ideas For A First Date

When you get asked out on a first date, the most awkward thing is deciding where to go and what to do...

After all, you don't know each other yet, more than to say hello to at least. So the first date jitters are kicking in but where should you go?

You don't want it to be too private in case you realise that maybe you aren't right for each other and then that leaves you sitting in virtual silence until it's acceptable to leave. However, you want to ensure that it is private enough to be able to talk and get to know one another and determine whether the spark is there. Could you see this going somewhere?

So we have done some thinking and come up with some ideas for a first date that allow you to do both.

These ideas will allow you to have fun, show off a little and most of all get to know each other. So here we go!


Yes we know it can be slightly cheesy but it allows you to show off your wonderful skills while still having the chance to chat in between the strikes! So what are you waiting for, get your bowling shoes on and off to the alley with you.

Head to the zoo

Who can resist a visit to see the animals at the local zoo? You can use this opportunity to see some cute and some weird animals whilst wandering around getting to know your potential future beau. Plus this will give you an insight into the kind of man he is. If he likes the chimps, chances are he'll love your adorable pet pooch. A win-win in anybody's book!

Live music in the nearest pub

This will help you to loosen up a little and get to know the man while having a wonderful evening of live entertainment. After all, who doesn't love to sit and listen to some fantastic tunes with some amazing conversation.

Ice skating

This is always a fun one for the more adventurous types who don't mind making a little bit of a fool out of themselves. But hey if you do fall over, at least you have a handsome man to pick you up back on your feet again.

Watch the sunset

What could be more romantic than watching the sunset together and talking about your lives? Nothing I hear you call! Exactly, so get watching.

Go to a random class together

For example, pottery classes, dancing classes? The list is endless, and hey you may find yourself a new man and a new hobby. 

Hot air balloon

You could hire a hot air balloon and go for a ride across the skies. This could be a wonderful first experience for you both and definitely something to tell the grandchildren which will no doubt come along after such a great first date.

Do the touristy thing

So this can only really work if you live somewhere that is even remotely touristy. For example, if you live in London, take pictures of yourselves in front of Big Ben and go on the London Eye. Give yourself a day to remember.

Dog walking

If you both have dogs, this would be a great way to get to know each other. How another person gets on with your animals is definitely an important factor in choosing the right man so this is perfect.


Or you could go for the tried and tested restaurant date, but why not mix it up by trying somewhere new?

See? There are so many places you could go on a first date without being put in the awkward position of 'I have to like him'. So go and explore and have a wonderfully romantic time.


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