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Tomorrowland: A World Beyond review

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Tomorrowland: A World Beyond review

After the success of Director, Brad Bird's 'Up' and 'The Incredibles', it was interesting to see how he would portray this live action movie...

However, watching the film, what was most striking wasn't the directing but the performances by Raffey Cassidy and Britt Robertson.

In light of the current Hollywood controversy of a shortage of strong female roles, it is refreshing to see these two ladies given substantial parts in the film. You could say, they overshadowed the roles played by George Clooney and Hugh Laurie.

Seconds into the film we meet Frank Walker (Clooney) as he banters off screen with a young female, Casey (Robertson).  As Frank narrates his back story, there is a flashback to the 1964 World Fair as pre-teen Frank (Thomas Robinson), a genius inventor, presents his jetpack experiment.  David Nix (Laurie), a technocrat, rejects his invention as it doesn't fully work.  But Nix's "daughter" Athena (Cassidy), a precocious girl similar in age to Frank, sees Frank's potential much to Nix's chagrin.

Frank follows Athena on to a ride, during which he is whisked off into an alternate dimension that bears resemblance to the 'Tomorrowland' Disney theme park. After this point the plot loses direction but later picks up when it centres on Casey Newton in present day Florida. 

Robertson gives a robust performance as a spirited teenage Casey.  She is a character that will appeal to the young audience.  Casey is an outgoing go-getter with optimistic convictions and has a passion for science, but she'll stop at nothing.  She is arrested after she tries to sabotage a NASA launch station in Cape Canaveral, an attempt to protect her father Eddie Newton (Tim McGraw)'s career as a NASA engineer. Her proactive quality attracts the never-ageing Athena who observes from a distance.

Casey’s adventure starts when she is whisked into the other dimension.  As she wanders around the utopian world, it's reminiscent of a child feeling exhilaration and wonderment when visiting a Disney theme park for the first time. Time runs out for Casey, she loses connection with this utopia but wants more of it. Athena connects Casey to grouchy grownup recluse Frank, who is disillusioned with the future. There is an impending threat looming. The trio must face Nix and unravel the mystery of the other dimension to save mankind.

Raffey Cassidy does an impressive job as Athena's character is physically stretched in action scenes. In an interview on IMDB, Cassidy reveals the considerable amount of physical training she had to do in preparation for this demanding role.

Although the tone of the film strongly hints at apocalyptic dystopia, it is lightened by the optimistic theme that characterises the film through the use of Casey and Athena's characters.  Bird's use of vibrant tones, illuminate the scenes of the utopian world enhancing this sense of optimism.  The message is strong throughout and is in line with our own environmental and global warming issues.

Like 'Up' and 'The Incredibles', the visual design is remarkable and must not be missed. Though the plot is sluggish in parts, for entertainment value, there is plenty of riveting action as they battle against Terminator style robots. There is also a spectacular scene when the rocket blasts from the Eiffel Tower.

Rating 3 out of 5 stars

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