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Ed Sheeran quits Twitter

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Ed Sheeran quits Twitter

After receive abuse the singer has deleted his social media account.

"I've actually come off Twitter completely," he told The Sun. "I can't read it.

"I go on it and there's nothing but people saying mean things. One comment ruins your day. But that's why I've come off it."

The star, who has 19 million followers, says he'll keep the account open, but it will only share automatic updates from his Instagram page from now on.

A quick scan of Twitter shows why the 26-year-old has found it hard to cope.

"Irritating ginger busker" is a particularly common insult; while the song Galway Girl has provoked a torrent of anger.

"Revolting, fudged cultural appropriation," wrote David N about the jaunty jig, in which Sheeran describes falling for a girl who "played the fiddle in an Irish band".

Another user described it as "awful 'diddly-eye leprachaun'" music, full of "stereotypical nonsense".

Richard Roche had some helpful advice regarding the lyrics, which he described as: "Full of geographical inaccuracies (there's no pub on Grafton St)."

Most recently, Sheeran had to defend himself against accusations of using a backing track during his headline set at Glastonbury.

The star uses a loop pedal during his performances, which allows him to record his vocal and guitar lines, creating a layered, looped accompaniment live, on the spot.

"Is it a backing track or invisible musicians?!? Who's playing when Ed Sheeran stops?!?" wrote one mystified fan. "Couldn't he get real musicians? I like him but all a bit karaoke," wrote another.

In his last personally-authored tweet, the star sounded exasperated by the accusations.

"Never thought I'd have to explain it, but everything I do in my live show is live, it's a loop station, not a backing track. Please google," he wrote.


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"Revolting, fudged cultural appropriation," wrote David N about the jaunty jig, in which Sheeran describes falling for a girl who "played the fiddle in an Irish band".
Social media is playing a great role in the life which is changing it forever. Love such great things which can make the big changes.
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