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What's worth watching on the box: Pick of the week

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What's worth watching on the box: Pick of the week

It's a new week which means a whole new list of great things to watch on the box.

Here is what we'll be watching in TV this week...

*New Series* New Lives In The Wild -  Monday Channel 5 9.00pm
We first got to know Ben Fogle when he was marooned on an island and since then he has gone from strength to strength as a somewhat dare devil TV presenter. In this new globetrotting series he returns meeting other people who have given up the “rat race” to make radical changes to their lives by living in remote and wild places. The first story tells of Sydney businessman Dave Glasheen who lost his entire fortune in the stock market crash of 1987 and so decided to go and live, Robinson Crusoe style, on a deserted island. Just to completely embrace this new life he grew a big white beard (ala Crusoe) and at first appears to live a completely solitary life until we discover that he in fact has a rich social life and solar-powered satellite internet connection. A must watch for all those yearning to quit the hustle and bustle and lead a simple life. One can dream eh?

*Last In Series* Broadchurch – Monday ITV 9.00pm
We have loved this series so far and tonight sees its conclusion which we’re both sad and excited about.  Even after last week’s brilliant penultimate episode we’re aware that many forensic clues are left unexplained and we’re yet to figure out who of the many maybes of the cast actually killed Danny Latimer. Will DI Hardy (Tennant) and DS Miller (Coleman) manage to work it out and find the perpetrator? We were left wondering why did Susan Wright have Danny’s skateboard, and why is Tom Miller, son of DS Miller hiding Danny’s emails? One thing is for sure, the answer is most definitely eagerly awaited and tonight we should get answers. Brilliant stuff.

*New Series* Embarrassing Bodies- Live From The Clinic- Tuesday Channel 4 8.00pm
This series returns for all you voyeurs of grim body stuff where viewers can book an online appointment to talk to the doctors (and the rest of the country) about those problems they are apparently too embarrassed to see their own GPs about. This is still something we’ve never quite been able to understand, why would you do that? But, we’re very glad they do as it means we get to gawp at all the nasty things that even your friends don’t talk about! One ‘lucky’ lady also has a live smear test and the results will be announced live on air. One to watch perhaps before you settle down to eat.

*Last In Series* The Syndicate- Tuesday BBC1 9.00pm
Kay Mellor’s lottery drama comes to its conclusion tonight as Mandy, who is rich beyond her wildest dreams, reaches breaking point and gets ready to confess her crime to police. We also get to discover why it is she stole drugs from the hospital as the full story unfolds. Mellor is a skilful writer and this drama has been packed with well-crafted characters and a great cast.

*New Series* The Wright Way- Tuesday BBC1 10.35pm
This new comedy series is written by Ben Elton which makes us think it’s bound to be good if hits like The Young Ones and Blackadder are anything to go by. This time Elton’s focus turns to the goings on at the fictional Baselricky Council Health & Safety Department where the head Gerald Wright (David Haigh) is a pernickety man who is living with his daughter, having split from his wife six-months prior. In tonight’s episode there is a lot of red tape surrounding a rogue speed bump.

*Two Part Series* Great Bear Stakeout – Wednesday BBC1 9.00pm
This BBC/Discovery co-production documentary sent a team of 25 cameramen and guides to Katmai Bay in Alaska’s wilderness to live beside grizzly bears for five months in a mission to get closer than ever before to all aspects of their life including, hunting, mating, rearing cubs, fighting, and gorging on food. We soon discover that this species lives a highly charged and dangerous existence where the thrash of a paw can quickly sever life. In tonight’s episode we see first time mother Parsnip who forces her two little cubs to swim in the sea, and her struggle to keep her family alive is truly heart -wrenching. Sex and violence also features when alpha male Van pursues Alice in a rather shocking way. We’re sure you will watch in a kind of scared awe.

*One Off* Road to Hell – Wednesday BBC3 9.00pm
This is a somewhat depressing and sobering programme but one that is important to watch. Ten years ago, Sophie Morgan was left paralysed after crashing a car she was driving. Road traffic accidents are the biggest killer of young people in Britain and so Sophie sets out to discover what can be done to lower this statistic. She meets people whose lives have been ruined by bereavement or injury, and visits hospitals, accident scenes, and wrecking yards. Her wish is for young people to not be seduced in to reckless driving and whilst watching an illegal road race she remarks, “ That slap in the face when life happens hasn’t happened to them yet.” Watch and learn is our advice. Be safe.

*New Series* 10 O Clock Live – Wednesday Channel 4 10.00pm
The first couple of series had mixed reviews but Channel 4 is keeping faith with its current- affairs satire series by bringing it back for a third run. Returning with it are David Mitchell, Charlie Brooker, Lauren Laverne, and Jimmy Carr, who are joined by guests from the worlds of politics, science, and culture to debate the goings on of the world.

*New Series* The Politician’s Husband- Thursday BBC2 9.00pm
For those of you missing David Tennant after the end of Broadchurch, fear not because he is back already in this new three-part serial, written by Paula Milne. Set in the world of politics with Westminster as its backdrop it follows the changing misfortunes of senior cabinet minister Aiden Hoynes (Tennant) and his wife Freya (Emily Watson), a junior minister who has put her ambitions on hold for the sake of her family. As one goes up the other goes down ambition, betrayal, jealousy, and divided loyalties all come in to play. A great cast and strong attention to detail make this new series very involving and great.

*One Off* Playhouse Presents: Snodgrass – Thursday Sky Arts 1 9.00pm
A return for the playhouse series with this imaginative tale of missed opportunities. Ian Hart, who played the young John Lennon in the film Backbeat, plays him again here at 50, in 1991. In this parallel universe, Lennon walked out on The Beatles after a row in 1962 and did not die in 1980 and the band never became big but are still touring. Flashbacks punctuate the present-day scenes as Lennon is fed up with his lot, being unemployed, living in rented accommodation, and bored of the mundanity of life. A great twist of a story filled with Lennon’s terrible, tasteless puns with a tragic core running through it.

*New Series* Ladyboys – Thursday Sky Living 9.00pm
Thailand is the world leader in sex-reassignment surgery and openly celebrates the pre- and- post-op transsexuals with glittering shows such as Miss International Queen which can offer them fame and fortune. This six part series looks at the downside of being trans in Thailand, such as the fact that legally they are not recognised as female, their problems finding work, and the painful stories that led them to want to change in the first place.

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Mellor is a skilful writer and this drama has been packed with well-crafted characters and a great cast.
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