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What's worth watching on the box: TV Picks

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What's worth watching on the box: TV Picks

We've picked out the best of what's on to see you sailing through the week.

We hope you enjoy...

*New Series* The Fall – Monday BBC2 9.00pm
If like us you’re missing the excellent Broadchurch then you’ll no doubt be looking for a new detective series to get your teeth in to so this might be just the thing. This five part series in set in Belfast (so possibly not as pretty as Broadchurch’s Devon) and this time we know from the outset who the culprit is so less whodunit but great nonetheless. The cool Det Supt Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) is sent from London to revitalise an investigation centred around Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) who is a family man and grief counsellor who also happens to stalk and strangle women in his spare time. The pressure is mounting on the Belfast police who so far have failed to come up with a suspect, resulting in Gibson coming up with a controversial theory of her own. Great viewing to help ease you through the start of the week.

*New Series* Skint – Monday Channel 4 9.00pm
It is not long since Thatcher left this earth but her legacy still remains in the North of England with the after effects of de-industrialisation still leaving their mark. This three-part observational documentary series looks at the people who are trying to survive without work, with tonight’s episode focusing on those living on the Westcliff estate in Scunthorpe those of whom include Dean, who lost his job a year ago, Tracy, who is an addict, and a truant called Connor who has been excluded from seven different schools. Alongside their stories is some thought-provoking footage of life on the estate. If nothing else this programme might make you feel better about having to get up for work on Tuesday.

*Last In Series* Keeping Britain Alive-The NHS In A Day – Tuesday BBC2 9.00pm
The final offering in this sobering, possibly depressing, and somewhat inspiring series seems perhaps the bleakest of all as we are shown health problems that will never get better, botched interventions, smokers with blocked arteries, and operations which necessitate more surgery. On the plus side though this series hasn’t failed to show us all the NHS at its best and how reliant we are on this great service which is being completely squashed by the demands upon us. Long may it reign we say.

*New Series* Frankie – Tuesday BBC1 9.00pm
This is not the first time the BBC has launched a medical drama with a female protagonist and we’re sure they’re hoping it will be just as successful as its predecessor Call the Midwife.  Eve Myles plays an impulsive, warm, workaholic community nurse who is so dedicated to her job that she often becomes entangled in her patient’s problems, often to the detriment of her relationship with her boyfriend Ian. In tonight’s episode we see her helping two women, one of which is caring for her father who has dementia and a husband who is terminally ill, the other is pregnant and dealing with an eight year old child who is unwell. Will this lead her to bigger problems with Ian whom she has stood up on a very important date?

*One Off* King Of Coke – Tuesday National Geographic 9.00pm
This documentary tells the story of a dentist with a double life. Larry Lavin started out his drug life as a pot dealer, switching in the 80s to cocaine and continued to oversee his drug empire while opening a dental surgery. The FBI were soon on to him though after tapping him so he then went on the run with $1.6 million and very nearly escaped had he not made a somewhat unbelievable blunder. Lavin tells this extraordinary story, along with his associates while sitting on parole. Fascinating stuff.

*New Series* Location, Location, Location – Wednesday Channel 4 8.00pm
Ever since Lloyd Grossman stopped uttering “who lives in a house like this?” we’ve had to fulfil our nosy neighbour urges by tuning in to this. Back for what feels like its 100th series (ok, allow us some exaggeration) Kirsty and Phil take on another two couples who are hoping to sell up their homes and find their dream one. Cue lots of snooping around other people’s houses, some behind the back bitching from Kirsty, and lots of delusions about what they can buy with their budget from the house hunters.

*One Off* The Tube: An Underground History – Thursday BBC2 9.00pm
We’d like to wish a Happy 150th Birthday to the London Underground and just in case that isn’t enough the BBC is marking the occasion with this one off documentary. No matter how much we moan about the tube it is hard to imagine London without it and we should give a nod to it as it is in fact the world’s oldest metro system (no wonder so many things go wrong with the tracks eh?) Shuttling to and fro between the past and the present we hear the thoughts of the staff working today and see lots of archive footage mixed with recent scenes. Every stage of the Tube’s history is recounted including some dark days such as those of the King’s Cross fire in the Eighties. Perhaps after watching this you will gain a fondness for our dirty underground that you’ve never felt before? Here’s hoping.

*One off* Playhouse Presents: Mr Understood – Thursday Sky Arts 1 9.00pm
This play was created by Kate Hardie and Grayson Perry and stars Tom Brooke as Gary, who is a reflection of the young artist Perry who wanted to combine family life with being a cross-dresser. Perry was a teenager in the seventies when perhaps attitudes to this kind of thing were harsher so it may seem somewhat old fashioned but is probably evocative of those times. Gary nervously attends his first transvestites’ convention accompanied by an inner voice that tells him that putting on a dress is crazy, while Jim (Neil Dudgeon), a middle-aged cross-dresser argues that to ignore that part of himself and leave it unexpressed would be a crazy thing to do. Which voice will Gary listen to we wonder? Interesting stuff.

*One Off* The Murder Workers – Thursday Channel 4 9.00pm
At first glance this seems like a gruesome title but fear not it is not quite what it seems. In fact it is a highly sensitive documentary looking at the victim support national homicide team who work with people bereaved by murder or manslaughter. Shockingly, 700 people are unlawfully killed in the UK each year so there is much work for this team to do as they try to help the families re-build their lives offering guidance, help, and often hugs. Stories include Jackie, who is looking after her grandchildren after her daughter was killed by the children’s father, and a mother dealing with the German legal system after her son was attacked and killed there. This is a powerful film showing the extent of the emotional havoc that is thrown upon a family who have to face a sudden unexpected death and the support the workers provide is critical.

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