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What's worth watching on the box: Something for the weekend

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What's worth watching on the box: Something for the weekend

The weekend is finally here and what a weekend of TV we've picked for you.

We've got Euro singing, Soap awarding, and lots, lots more so grab all your friends and have a great time.

Unreported World – Friday Channel 4 7.30pm
Clemency Burton-Hill explores in her debut film the issue of women regarded as second class citizens in Bangladesh, even though they recently voted in their first female speaker to parliament last month. Any sexist jokes about female drivers may seem even more ridiculous once you watch this film, where young women in Dhaka are defying cultural taboos by training to become professional drivers. If prejudice isn’t enough to put them off then the dangerous roads which are badly maintained and heavily over-crowded or the abuse they endure for doing so should, and certainly makes you want to celebrate their bravery.

Leopards-21st Century Cats – Friday BBC2 9.00pm
All you cat lovers out there might not be so enamoured with the idea of having leopards living on your doorstep when you find out what happened to Romulus Whitaker. A wildlife conservationist, he has lived in South India for 50 years, dedicating his life to saving India’s reptiles. However, once he discovered that a leopard had snuck into his back yard and killed his dog, he felt compelled to investigate other such encounters. Seven thousand leopards live outside national parks with some communities loving them, feeding them, and trying to be close to them but ultimately, being the wild animals they are, this leads to a vicious attack every week. Whitaker looks at why this is so and how hunting for food leads the leopards to attack humans. We suggest if you see one…don’t stroke it!

*One Off* Rock ‘N’ Roll Britannia – Friday BBC4 9.00pm
The focus tonight is on the birth of British rock ‘n’ roll (is there better?) which some considered at first a pale imitation of what happening in Memphis. The Daily Mail, of course, described it as, “tribal and from America” and surprisingly US stars were actually banned from touring Britain, no doubt for fear that they would corrupt our young. Soon home grown stars started to emerge such as, Billy Fury and Tommy Steele which then led to the likes of Cliff Richard, Marty Wilde, and the Quarrymen, all of whom contribute in this interesting documentary about how it all began. A must see for all you rock ‘n’ rollers out there.

*Last in Series* Dr Who – Saturday BBC1 7.00pm
All you Sci Fi geeks will be shedding a little tear tonight as this series reaches its climax but we’re sure it will go out in style. Clara gets a message that a ghoulish monster gang called the Whisper Men are closing in on Vastra, Strax, and Jenny. The Doctor’s friends are clearly in danger as someone is intent on kidnapping them in order to lure him in to a deadly trap. Rumour has it that in this thrilling climax the Doctor’s name will finally be revealed. Exciting stuff. Dry your eyes because you’ve only got a six month wait until a 50th anniversary special will be aired.

*One Off* The Eurovision Song Contest – Saturday BBC1 8.00pm
So, it’s that time of year again when we get all our friends round, dress in stupid outfits, sing our hearts out and shout continuously “It’s a fix!” as the votes come in. It is the 58th edition of the musical contest, this time coming live from the Malmo Arena in Sweden. We still miss a bit of Terry’s commentary but Graham Norton has done a great job at filling his shoes by making a lot of digs at the ridiculousness of the hosts, subtly slating the competition, and doing his best to enthuse about our entrant; this year Bonnie Tyler singing Believe in Me. Let’s face it, we all know we haven’t got a hope in Hell (or Sweden) of winning but it’s the booing and hissing at the ridiculous voting which makes it a whole lot of fun. Get your friends round for some top notch euro-trash antics.

*Film* Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps – Saturday Channel 4 9.00pm
This film originally had reviews which urged people not to spend their money seeing it but we think you may just wish to re-evaluate those opinions as it’s fun to see Michael Douglas return to his role of Gordon Gekko. In this sequel the ruthless stockbroker helps a young banker get his revenge on the company that drove his mentor to suicide. We think anything with Douglas in has to be worth a look.

*Film* West Is West – Saturday BBC2 10.15pm
If you haven’t laughed enough at Eurovision then you may want a comedy to see you through the night and this classic won’t let you down. Set in Salford in the 1970s, a traditionally minded Muslim father takes his reluctant son to Pakistan to try and reconnect him with his roots. A great sequel to the hilarious East Is East. Starring Aqib Khan and Om Puri.

*One Off* The British Soap Awards – Sunday ITV 8.00pm
And it’s also that time of year again where the best and worst in the world of Soap come together to congratulate one another on their great acting, great exits, sexiest-ness (is that even a word?) and all other things melodramatic!  Philip Schofield again will preside over the proceedings in which we will discover who exactly is the cream of the crop and which show will win Best Soap. You’ve got to feel sorry for Doctors as, let’s face it, they’re merely seat fillers.

*New Series* Case Histories – Sunday BBC1 8.30pm
Jason Isaacs returns in the first of three crime dramas, as private detective Jackson Brodie. Determined to atone his mistake in a child –snatching case in Munich which went wrong, he gets the chance when helping a woman to search for her parents leads him in to the heart of police corruption and murder in the 1970s. He faces a moral dilemma when the case crosses paths with Tracy Waterhouse, a store detective who witnessed a child being abused by her mother as he wonders whether he should do what is right or walk away. Victoria Wood guest stars.

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a store detective who witnessed a child being abused by her mother as he wonders whether he should do what is right or walk away. Victoria Wood guest stars.
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