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What's worth watching on the box: TV Picks

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What's worth watching on the box: TV Picks

It's been a long, hot weekend...

And although it's back to work for most console yourselves with these great gems we've found to ease you into the week.

*Last Ever* Shameless – Tuesday Channel 4 10.00pm
After 139 episodes over the last nine years this comedy drama unfortunately draws to a close. Some argue that since creator Abbott’s departure and a lot of cast changes the show started to struggle but despite this its farewell has a fittingly special end. The Gallaghers are restored to the fore as they were in its first run which means the old cast are back! Frank Gallagher is in prison but eventually gets out where depressed Monica is waiting for him. Appalled to learn she is pregnant he is determined to remain an irresponsible parent. As the rest of the family gather to support her, you will  be pleased to see the return of sons Lip, and PC Carl, daughter Fiona, and former neighbour Kev. A real treat for all you long lasting fans out there.

*One Off* Words Of Everest – Tuesday ITV 10.35pm
To mark the 60th anniversary of Hillary’s defeat of Everest, this film not only focuses on that but also looks back to 1924 when George Mallory, the British climber, disappeared just below the summit. As he himself said, “I suppose we go to Mount Everest because we can’t help it.” Actors including John Hannah and Jason Flemyng help to retell the stories of these two expeditions. We’ve often wondered what possesses people to want to try and tackle nature’s beasts so perhaps this programme will help us to understand. Very affecting.

*New Series* The Iraq War – Wednesday BBC 2 9.00pm
This new three-part documentary series offers a weighty examination of George Bush and Tony Blair’s controversial move in to Iraq. With impressive access to the key figures from all sides and drawing on archive footage and interviews, the film examines the intelligence which supposedly lead to weapons of mass destruction, how the conflict came about, how it was conducted, and how war was won but peace was lost. If you’re looking for a balanced view of the conflict and why it really started then this film would be a good place to start.

*New Series* Mothers, Murderers And Mistresses – Empresses Of Ancient Rome- Wednesday BBC4 9.00pm
Although it is often believed that in Roman times women were kept away from the corridors of power, this new documentary series claims that they were often performing important roles behind the scenes. Professor Catherine Edwards presents and she begins with the notorious Livia Drusilla who was the wife of the first Emperor of Rome, Angustus. Also profiled is her stepdaughter, Julia who reportedly had many lovers and when was asked how she made sure her children resembled their father said, “I only take on passengers when carrying freight” Edwards also explains that these imperial women often became victims rather than leaders.

*One Off* Confessions Of A Male Stripper: First Cut – Wednesday Channel 4 11.00pm
We’re wondering whether the late scheduling of this documentary means that we’re actually going to see some men getting their kit off. That aside, we’re sure it will no doubt be eye-opening either way. The boss of the Dreamboys fancies himself as the Simon Cowell of the stripping world, and hordes of hopefuls queue up for his auditions to find new talent. He claims to know what women want but as this programme shows there is definitely a seedy side to taking your clothes off in front of strangers for money. Is now the time to mention the penis vacuum pump? We will let you watch to discover just what that is, if like us you’re rather unenlightened on such matters.

*New Series* Up The Women – Thursday BBC4 8.30pm
Jessica Hynes’s comedy costume drama is set in 1910 and is a bit like Jennifer Saunders’ Jam and Jerusalem sent back 100 years. Set within the Banbury Intricate Craft Circle, the women have to stop their needlework to try and back women’s suffrage. Helen (Rebecca Front) causes a problem though when she decides to set up an anti-suffrage faction. Apparently her greatest lure is cake. Well, it is hard to resist.

*One Off* Henry VII: Winter King – Thursday BBC2 9.00pm
We’re all very aware of Henry VIII’s exploits but perhaps know less of his father Henry VII. This programme, by Thomas Penn, is a fascinating portrait of the man who established England’s Tudor dynasty and who he describes as “possibly the most extraordinary of all.” He has perhaps been slightly overlooked by history with the real stars being his son, the king he eclipsed, Richard III, and his granddaughter Elizabeth I, but from the moment he arrived in Wales as a fugitive in 1485 he managed to achieve the almost unachievable by beating Richard III’s larger army and founding a dynasty. He is revealed as a man of exceptionally strong will and lust for power but as his life continued he began a descent in to greed, secrecy, and paranoia. Another must see for all you historians out there.

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daughter Fiona, and former neighbour Kev. A real treat for all you long lasting fans out there.
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