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What's worth watching on the box: Something for the weekend

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What's worth watching on the box: Something for the weekend

Some more TV treats for your viewing pleasure.

We've been promised some sun this weekend so we've found you some great things to watch to try and distract you from that sunburn you'll no doubt be nursing.

Unreported World – Friday Channel 4 7.30pm
This great series continues, this time looking at cosmetic surgery in Brazil. Apparently more of these treatments are carried out here than in any other country than America. This shouldn’t really be surprising when you consider that these procedures are free on the country’s public health service. Yes, we repeat…free!! Seyi Rhodes travels there to meet the women who feel that their physical imperfections are limiting their prospects and are therefore preparing for nose and breast jobs, and all the other nips and tucks we’re all now familiar with. She also meets the 87 year old doctor who developed an organisation to help the poor get access to plastic surgery. What is the world coming to we ask you?

*One Off* The Time Traveller’s Guide To Elizabethan England – Friday BBC2 9.00pm
Continuing the Tudor season, viewers are whisked back 500 years as Dr Ian Mortimer offers us a travel guide to 16th-century life. Rather than the popular image most of us have of Elizabethans as educated and enlightened people living in lavish palaces, this film shows the grimmer reality which applied to most. The poor lived in dark, dank hovels, struggling to survive on as little as four pence a day, and the sanitation was so awful that everywhere apparently smelt of dung. Mortimer also shows us how dreadful the job market was and how the justice system was cruel, meting out five different forms of execution as punishment. If you’re feeling bad about your own life we suggest you watch this to make yourself feel a whole lot more grateful.

*One Off* Otis Redding-Soul Ambassador –Friday BBC4 9.00pm
Hailed as the “ultimate soul voice of the American South” the singer-songwriter’s life was so short that it’s amazing what he managed to cram in before that fateful day when he was killed in a plane crash, three days after he recorded his hit, Sittin On The Dock of the Bay, at aged just 26. This fascinating documentary looks back over his short life through great footage and contributions from the likes of Rod Stewart (who wanted to sound like him) and Lulu. He is shown as a devoted father and husband who would phone home five times a day when on tour, and as a man who hoped to change attitudes through his music having grown up with the effects of living in a segregated America. A must see for all you Soul fans out there.

*Last in Series* Alan Carr: Chatty Man – Friday Channel 4 10.00pm
Ahh, we’ll miss Alan and his fabulous banter cheering up our Friday evenings but alas, tonight is the last programme in the series. We’re sure he’ll go out with a bang though and joining him to help that happen are, Clare Balding, Demi Lovato- the American Xfactor judge, and Mark Owen performing his latest single.

*One Off* Les Dawson: An Audience With That Never Was – Saturday ITV 9.00pm
This idea sounds a bit strange to us but intriguing nonetheless. Les Dawson was due to perform An Audience With but unfortunately died just before it was filmed so, to mark the 20 year anniversary of his death, ITV are recreating his stand up show by turning him in to a hologram in front of a celebrity audience so that we can imagine the programme as it might have been. Contributors include, Terry Wogan, Cilla Black and Ken Dodd; all greats of his era. We will leave it for you to decide whether a hologram can ever realistically take the place of a human being. Hmm.

*New Series* The Americans – Saturday ITV 10.00pm
This new American drama has an “enemy within” theme similar to that we saw in Homeland, but the difference this time is that we know what the protagonists are up to. Set in 80s Washington are a couple who seem all American and fairly suburban but who are, in fact, KGB spies on active Cold War duty. The couple’s mission is to kidnap a defector and send him back to the Soviet Union. Only problem is they have him locked in the boot of their car and the FBI have moved in across the street. A gripping thriller which should fill any Homeland gap you might be feeling. Starring Matthew Rhys.

*One Off* Beyonce And Friends Live At Twickenham – Saturday BBC1 10.45pm
“Ah Oh, Ah Oh, Ah Oh, I’m gonna…etc” If like us, you fancy pretending to be Beyonce for the night then put this on and sing and dance your hearts out. The friends the title speaks of are, J.Lo, Ellie Golding, Florence + The Machine, Rita Ora, and more. Wow! All of these stars have come together for Chime for Change, a charity campaigning for health, education and justice for women worldwide. Whether you’re a woman or not you’d be a fool not to watch this spectacle.

*New Series* Peter Jones Meets – Sunday BBC2 7.00pm
In this new series the Dragon’s Den star meets leading UK entrepreneurs to discover whether there is a formula to success which led to them making their millions. He begins by meeting market trader, Chris Dawson, who set up Range, a home and garden retail chain, and the owners of beauty brand Lush, Mark and Mo Constantine. We’ll definitely be there, pad in hand, taking notes.

*Film* Nine – Sunday Channel 4 9.00pm
We can’t help wondering whether channel four put this program on at nine pm as a little pun joke.
Based on director Federico Fellini's 8 ½, this 2009 musical – set in 1965 - tells the tale of Guido Contini ,played by the brilliant Daniel Day Lewis, a frustrated Italian filmmaker who's preparing to shoot his latest film in Rome. But, not only is he struggling with creative block he is also confused about the many women in his life. These include his tarty mistress, played by Penelope Cruz, his costume designer and confidante, played by Judy Dench, his wife, Marion Cotillard, his old flame, his mother, who is played by Sophia Loren, and his muse, Nicole Kidman. Phew, that’s a lot of women to be confused by. Kate Hudson also stars as a seductive journalist. As you can see it has a fabulous cast, and the sets are amazing which no doubt let to it being nominated for four Oscars (including a Best Supporting Actress for Cruz)

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Demi Lovato- the American Xfactor judge, and Mark Owen performing his latest single.
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