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What's worth watching on the box: Pick of the week

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What's worth watching on the box: Pick of the week

The weather is still failing to realise that it's summer time but...

 At least that gives you the perfect excuse to curl up in front of the television and watch these great programmes we've selected for you. We hope you enjoy.

*New Tournament* Wimbledon – Monday BBC2 11.30am
Well, it’s back again and sure enough the rain is falling. If they actually manage to get any matches in today then Sue Barker will be presenting coverage of the opening day’s play at the All England Club. All we’re really going to be interested in though is whether finally Andy Murray can win it after being the first Briton (last year) to reach the men’s singles final since 1938. Crack open the Robinsons and enjoy the games.

*New Series* Don’t Call Me Crazy – Monday BBC3 9.00pm
As we all know, mental illness is no laughing matter, as this new documentary – as part of BBC3’s mental health season – shows. Set in the McGuinness Unit in Manchester, an in-patient centre for mentally ill adolescents who continue with their studies from inside at the on-site college. The programme takes a look at how for people with conditions such as, psychosis, eating disorders, or suicidal tendencies this place becomes somewhat of a last resort. Some are there voluntarily while others have been placed there against their wishes under the Mental Health Act. Among those featured are Beth, who has an eating disorder and self –harms, which seems at odds with her extrovert personality, and Jill who is depressed, volatile and considered a suicide risk. Hopefully this programme will further reduce the stigma faced by anyone who has a mental illness.

*New Series* Love Your Garden – Tuesday ITV 8.00pm
Britain’s favourite outdoor expert, Mr Titchmarsh returns with this new series hoping to tempt us to improve our gardens. We understand why it is being screened at this time of year; the producers obviously assuming we’d be experiencing glorious sunshine but as we’re not take this as your chance to be garden voyeurs! Alan sets out to surprise garden owners who desperately need his help and then transforms their gardens to match their dreams. In tonight’s opener he meets Malcolm Dean and his wife and carer, Trish. Malcolm has been diagnosed with motor neurone disease and is confined to a wheelchair so their sloping garden is not fit for his needs. Cue Alan and his team of green fingered whizzes who make it wheelchair friendly and bring in new plants and features. Heartwarming.

*New Series* Secrets From The Workhouse – Tuesday ITV 9.00pm
This new two part series is by the makers of Who Do You Think You Are? and similarly involves celebrities delving in to their ancestor’s history; though this time they are forewarned as to the horrors (or not) that they may find as all of them have ancestors who have spent time in the workhouse system. Although controversial now, on the plus side they were a place for some of society’s most destitute to stay, even if there was little chance of them ever escaping due to the horrendous pay. In part one, Fern Britoon, Brian Cox, Kiera Chaplin, and Barbara Taylor Bradford all discover what their forebears went through. A very intriguing watch for either the sociologists or historians of you out there.

*One Off* Imagine – Tuesday BBC1 10.35pm
This is the true story of an extraordinary woman, Vivian Maier – a nanny working in Chicago who took more than 15,000 photographs in the 1950s and 60s of suburban street life and her children (which she never tried to exhibit of publish) which were only discovered after she died an impoverished recluse in 2009. Alan Yentob unveils her hidden past living between New York and France, and interviews with French school friends reveal that already she was keeping herself apart and was a moody and secretive figure. Not quite the Mary Poppins she has been portrayed as. Her images have since captured the art world with them selling for thousands of dollars each. A fascinating story which combines both analysis and photographic insights.

*One Off* Why Am I Still Single? – Wednesday Channel 4 10.35pm
Well this is a question we girls at the Shiny News office are often heard wailing so we’re hoping this might help us with the answer. This documentary feels more like the dating shows of the past such as Streetmate or Would Like To Meet and follows two strangers – Naomi, stand-up comedian and Lex, an advertising salesman who delves in to one another lives trying to work out why their search for a partner isn’t working. This delving involves swapping flats, meeting friends and relatives and even their exes. It appears that their failings are immense but they both have huge willingness to try to change if it will help them in their quest to find love. If you’re a bit of a curtain twitcher, curious about other people’s lives and relationships then this programme will be utter joy for you.

*New Series* Four Weddings – Wednesday Sky Living 8.00pm
We’re not sure why anyone would really want to put their wedding up for criticism but each to their own, and this is exactly what these four brides will be doing in the return of this reality show. For those of you who haven’t caught it before here’s how it works: Four brides rate one another's weddings for the chance to win a dream honeymoon. A Yorkshire woman hopes an all-night knees-up will have her rivals dancing the night away, and a Scottish bride sticks to her roots with a haggis-themed menu, but could their efforts be outdone by a trip to Cyprus for a Turkish wedding? Expect much behind the scenes bitching and cattiness.

*One Off* Help! I’m 16 But Look 60: Extraordinary People – Thursday Channel 5 9.00pm
Following a Rotherham-born teenager, Zara Hartshorn, who at 16 has a condition which makes her skin loose and wrinkly meaning that she resembles a much older woman. The title might be slightly harsh though as she definitely doesn’t look like a 60-year-old and imagine that these are her words not others. School was a nightmare for her owing to bullying and now wanting to go to college she feels her only option is to get a face-lift so that she feels able to face the world, rather than hide away. She flies to Texas with her mum for a consultation with a plastic surgeon and undergoes tests which produce some surprising results.

*New Series* Eye Spy – Thursday Channel 4 10.00pm
In this new series Stephen Fry presents unsuspecting people with moral dilemmas to test just how moral our nation is. Would you steal an unchained bicycle or confront a racist waiter? You get the idea of the kind of tests and psychological conundrums they will be put through in order to see how they react.  It is a very interesting subject and other well known tests, such as the “marshmallow experiment” which shows whether children can stem instant gratification are also shown to us. We often play the What Would You Do If…? game in the office so this programme will be like a real life version of that. Perfect.

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