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The team

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The team

Here at Bright Shiny News we like to think of ourselves as a family of writers.

Julie Gilbert is the Editor-in-Chief at Bright Shiny News and is happy to speak about business development, events and potential celebrity interviews.

What Julie doesn't know about in the world of celebrity, fashion, health and beauty isn't worth knowing. She can talk (and write) for England, knows lots of random facts that are only ever useful in pub quizzes and is forever starting new projects which may or may not get finished.  She is partial to a glass of red wine but don't mention her cat whilst you're at the bar or you'll be doing a shot in honour of Sambuca (the cat).

Editorial Assistant Caroline Jones is the newest recruit to the team and will help match you with your perfect partner in the editorial team.  She has a weakness for shoes, handbags and anything that glitters.  She can be found Tweeting on behalf of Bright Shiny News (@brightshinynews) and wolf whistling at any hotties that pass by Bright Shiny News towers.

Another newbie is Nicola Gaines.  She is the newest member of the features team.  Due to her ever expanding wardrobe she has been brought in to make sure we miss nothing style related.  She is a kleptomaniac when it comes to brooches and earrings but she draws the line when it comes to hats - phew!

Features Writer Gemma Rose loves nothing better than a walk in the country and a good old fashioned pub lunch. However, celebrities beware, if you're lurking she'll find you.

Features Writer Rachel Howard has a head for numbers so we're always sending her out with the lunch order.  She has a soft spot for Starbucks Viente lattes with a helping of whipped cream and eats more chocolate than humanley possible for a 5ft skinny minnie....

Stella Richardson can always be found with her head buried in a book.  She's our resident bookworm as well as guru on all things to do with celebrity gossip.








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