All you need to know if considering a Paleo diet

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Could these be the reasons you aren't losing weight?

Try as you might you can't shape up and lose weight. Dr Sally Norton tells us why. ... Full story

Vicky Pattinson launches Mini V Nutrition

The Queen of the Jungle has created her very own on demand fitness and lifestyle plan. ... Full story

Nikki Reed believes in dieting cheat day

Nikki Reed believes in having off days on her diet, which she calls a "cheat day". ... Full story

We talk to the author of The Body Rescue Plan, Christianne Wolff

Personal trainer, yoga healer and weight loss there anything Christianne Wolff can't do? ... Full story

Eva Mendes eats whatever she wants

Eva Mendes has revealed she eats whatever she wants but only in "moderation" and works out "at least" three times a week. ... Full story

Bright Shiny Loves: Bounce Apple & Cinnamon Protein Punch

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Miranda Kerr shares life philosophy

Miranda Kerr has revealed she only tries to stay healthy 80 per cent of the time. ... Full story

Five reasons to try the Mediterranean diet

Known for its health boosting qualities, this is a diet for those who love to eat. ... Full story

Mischa Barton wants to work with Weight Watchers

Mischa Barton wants to become a spokesperson for Weight Watchers. ... Full story

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