Take a break: fitness holidays

With torrential rain, mass floods and a general dreariness having descended over the UK, most of us are ideally dreaming of a sunny getaway. ... Full story

Free London festival this August

Fancy jamming with a blues band? Learning how to tap and swing-dance? Or maybe you want to enjoy a superb evening of music, for free? ... Full story

Relationships: it's all about equality

It is safe to say that in any relationship at any time you have felt unappreciated or have felt yourself wanting to scream the words ‘...must I do everything around here!’ ... Full story

Curry, popcorn and more - the latest super foods revealed

Forget acai and goji berries they're so last season darling, Gwynnie, Madonna & Beyonce have moved on. ... Full story

Top five short breaks‏

A short break abroad is the perfect way to indulge in inspiring museums, exciting new foods and experience different cultures. ... Full story

Dating tips: planning your first holiday together

Taking your first trip together is a big step and you'll want to be make sure it's absolutely perfect. ... Full story

Great value Father's Day pressies

Much as we'd love to shower our dads with expensive gifts, it's not always possible. ... Full story

Cameron Diaz writing nutrition book

Cameron Diaz is writing her first book about the importance of nutrition and staying healthy for young girls after becoming inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow's weekly lifestyle journal Goop. ... Full story

How dating has changed

We take a look at the similarities and differences between dating in the 1950s (when the Queen was dating) and the 2010s (now we're dating). ... Full story

How to host the perfect Jubilee tea party

Ben Fogle reveals how to host a Jubilee tea party fit for The Queen! ... Full story

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