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Beauty loves: Grace Cole Boutique Orchid, Amber & Incense Body Scrub

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Beauty loves:  Grace Cole Boutique Orchid, Amber & Incense Body Scrub

It’s time to get beach ready!

And first step on getting our body ready for the sunny weather is to get rid of any dead skin cells that are making our bodies look a bit dry and dull.

Boutique has a range of body scrubs and we put the Orchid, Amber & Incense Body Scrub to the test.

First off, it has a delicate fragrance that will leave your body smelling amazing. This is probably down to the tantalising ingredients.

As well as orchid, amber and incense it also contains ginseng, honey and ginger which no doubt helps make it smell good enough to eat.

It’s a delicate scrub that won’t be harsh on your skin and leave you red raw. It gently exfoliates off any dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth underneath. 

Use it twice a week for a couple of week and you’ll gradually begin to see your beautiful skin that was hiding underneath.

Boutique’s products ticks all the boxes. The brand is against animal testing, Paraben free and eco-friendly. They also manufacture in England, it’s nice to see a British product on our shelves.  

There’s plenty of different body scrubs to try with the range if you want to go wild and have a selection in your bathroom. The range also includes delights such as Wild Fig & Pink Cedar, Grapefruit, and Vanilla Blush & Peony, and with a price tag of £5.00, there’s no reason not to.





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